Starburst Computers

PC and Mac Support

We provide a range of services to keep your PC or Mac running smoothly. These include but are not limited to:-

Problem Solving
  • Slow Performance
  • Computer Viruses
  • Wireless networking
  • Broadband Performance
  • Printing
  • Transfering Data
  • Problem solving via remote control
Installation & Setup of
  • Desktop and Laptop PCs/Macs
  • Printers
  • Scanners
  • Cameras (Still or Video)
  • USB or Firewire interface cards
  • Software
  • Windows Servers
Software & Hardware Upgrades
  • Windows Upgrades
  • Service Pack Upgrades
  • Application Upgrades
  • Memory
  • Hard Disks
  • CD/DVD Drives
  • Graphics cards and monitors
  • Broadband access
  • Email
  • Creating your own Website
  • Registrering your own web and email address
  • Software
  • Accessing your email remotely or on your mobile phone
  • Internet Security
  • Wireless Networking Security
  • Antivirus and Antispyware
  • Computer Virus and Spyware/ Adware removal
  • Controlling Children's access to the Internet
  • Backing up your information
  • Security Health Check
Advice on
  • Hardware purchases or upgrades
  • Software purchases or upgrades
  • Finding IT solutions
  • Data Backup solutions and procedures
  • Getting systems to work together
  • Networking
  • Building infrastructure
  • One to One Training
  • Introductory Training
  • General Computer Training
  • Software Specific Training
  • Computer or Website Administration
  • Remote one to one training



Most of our work can be done at your home or premises although some repairs and diagnosis is best done in our workshop.

The removal of viruses and malware is always done in the workshop to ensure a thorough examination and removal is done. To check all the files on a PC and to cross check the results with different tools can take many hours. By doing this in the workshop we can save you money by not charging for time waiting for the tools to finish.

Please give us a call without obligation to discuss how we can help you. All our details can be found on the Contact Us page. We will be more than happy to help.


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