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The networking of computers and other devices has become an important requirement for both business and home users.

Most homes who have a computer have access to the Internet. Sharing this existing Internet connection can also enable the computers, printers and other devices to communicate locally. This can save money as one printer can be used by multiple users all from their own PC or Mac.

Connecting these devices by cables or wireless can sometimes be difficult depending on the indivual circumstances of the building. We have a number of solutions which can address these problems and provide a reliable fast network.

The use of Wireless networks is growing rapidly and especially for portable devices like the Apple iPod and iPhone. Modern games consoles come with networking capabilities built-in and many of them rely on getting the latest updates via the Internet to support the latest games. Many games allow players to compete with each other across the Internet. Players can be in a different town or even a different country.

Connecting these different devices can sometimes be a challenge and this is where we can help.

Being able to connect to the Internet also exposes the equipment to potential security problems. Our knowledge and experience can ensure you have the necessary protection and your equipment is configured correctly to avoid security problems.

Increasingly housholds and businesses own different types of PC e.g. Windows and Apple Macs. We can provide advice on how these different devices can be made to work together enabling you to maximise the benefits of the technology.

If you would like to discuss your requirements in more detail please contact us by choosing the Contact Us option, we will be more than happy to help.


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